Must read for medical translators!

Thanks to this month's ATA Chronicle "Dictionary Review" column, I was very pleased to come across Svetolik "Paul" Djordjevic's Dictionary of Medicine: French-English with English-French Glossarya new essential electronic resource for French-English medical translators. 

This electronic, single-volume CD-ROM is searchable, a great convenience for the modern laptop-toting, on-the-go translator. Djordjevic, a renowned lexicographer has updated this revised edition to include a large number of acronyms and abbreviations, which we all know to be the prickly thorn in the side of medical linguists, regardless of the source/target language.

In his review, Eric S. Bullington, captures this sentiment in full, "In my experience, the abbreviations and acronyms found in clinical reports, written up by physicians and nurses, being relatively nonstandard and incredibly numerous, are among the greatest challenges for novice medical translators and non-specialist translators when translating medical documentation."

While this dictionary is certainly a great asset to any linguist's arsenal of medical references, Djordjevic is also expected to release the upcoming French-English Dictionary of Medical Abbreviations, Acronyms & Eponyms later this year. I will certainly be waiting in anticipation for this next release.

And a tad of humor to close out Wednesday: