Darryl Agawin

Don't sweat the small stuff...

It is August 1st, and we have officially entered the dog days of summer. Hopefully, you have set aside some time to catch some fresh mountain air or a salty sea breeze, and you are not suffering from translatoritis and working yourself into an early karoshi . Yes, karoshi , the Japanese word for literally working yourself to death. It is this time of year that we need to remind ourselves to take a break from stress and sedentary long hours in front of our computers to enjoy the pleasant weather and more delightful things in life.

However, upon return from holiday, we all squirm intolerably at our desks, resisting the daily grind of mental over-stimulation, while our muscles slowly atrophy. Enter Darryl Agawin, the creator of No Sweat! Workspace Workout Furniture, a three-piece set of equipment that converts a desk-and-chair workstation to a mini gym, including a balance board, weight bar, skip rope, and kettle bell. If that Susan Lucci Malibu Pilates Chair just isn't working for you, this fitness set with a Keith Haring-inspired lithograph design might be just what you need to strike some much needed work-life balance, or get your blood pumping before rolling into that next batch of proofs.

Agawin knows what he's talking about: he's a fitness buff with a degree in cardiology technology and, while his design is merely a prototype, the video montage below is certainly inspirational for those of us confined to spending countless hours in front of a screen. Make a mental note for September... so you can maintain that beach bod for next year's vacances.