With fifteen years’ experience translating in the medical and life sciences fields, we pride ourselves on our proven experience and reputation for quality, target-driven translations. We offer professional translation services from Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish to English in all medical, pharmaceutical, and life sciences fields. We also offer references and outsourcing to support additional languages.

Areas of expertise include:

Case report forms/SOAPs
Clinical and instrumental reports
Drug monographs
Grant proposals
ICFs and PILs
Marketing/sales rep. materials
Medical journal articles
Packaging and labelling
Pharma manufacturing
Preclinical/Clinical trials
Regulatory documentation


We seamlessly adapt your messaging and multimedia content to meet the demands of a global marketplace, ensuring that your brand is not “lost in translation”. Our global partners and in-country language specialists work to translate, tailor, and test your messaging, taglines, brand concepts, and campaigns to build effective and culturally appropriate content. Whether your target audience is physicians or consumers, we scale your transcreations to ensure that they resonate with the local market and your medical communications successfully bridge the language gap. 


Our commitment to quality linguistic services in a regulated environment means we are prepared to navigate a broad range of projects, scopes and requirements in the global medical and pharmaceutical sectors. From building global brand concepts to designing multilingual orthopaedic manufacturing systems, if you have a problem, we are ready to work with you to find a scalable and appropriate solution.


We offer proofreading services as an add-on or standalone service with any translation, transcreation or authoring project. Whether you are updating a document or creating it from scratch, our skilled team of proofreaders reviews all translations line by line against the source language, with the option to create a project- or client-specific glossary and terminology database. We ensure that your documents are print-ready and appropriate for the target audience and locale.


We are specialised in editing manuscripts, grant proposals, book projects and articles to provide substantive improvements, restructuring, remove jargon, check nomenclature and usage and ensure correct formatting and reference accuracy. Our goal is to help authors (writing in their native or non-native language) leverage existing content and data to build a well-structured document and to improve chances of publication. Our medical writers are well-versed in APA and AMA style and are experienced in medical research editing and writing according to FDA and EMA regulatory guidelines.


We are specialists at turning your ideas and data into publishable materials with our scientific and medical authoring services. We will develop your data and ideas into a draft, moulding your manuscript, with the Introduction, Methods and Discussion sections based on your completed Results. We can also help you with book chapters, CVs, grant proposals, journal submissions, reference letters and research interests. Our services are particularly targeted towards non-native English professionals, ensuring that your content reflects the high standards of polish and the clear and concise language expected by an international scientific audience. 


In the global marketplace, success depends on creating brand and product names that easily travel around the world, while remaining impactful and true to the big picture and the nuances of the original brand story. Our multilingual name testing process connects you with a team of professional linguists, copywriters and in-country reviewers to create, review and vet an array of names in-market. Our network of specialists in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors ensures that client messages are targeted and accurate, but deliver the wit, punch and tonality of marketing wordsmiths.


We offer in-person and online trainings and webinars for translators, business professionals and students. Whether you need a refresher course on multilingual biomedical documentation or assistance creating a compliant internal multilingual documentation process, we customise trainings and tutorials to fit your needs and to work with teams of all sizes. We are strong believers that high-quality services require ownership and a shared investment in internal processes and we are here to help.